Our Ingredients

Natural yellow beeswax - Beeswax, made by honeybees to store honey and rear their young, is the purest, most natural form of wax. Initially, in the hive, beeswax is a clear color which then changes to a darker yellow or brown with the introduction of various types of pollen. Beeswax is composed of fatty acids, alcohol, hydrocarbons and other substances.  Nature's Gifts uses cleaned and filtered beeswax to ensure our candles burn the cleanest.


Coconut Oil - Coconut oil is extracted from the inside meat of the coconut and is well known as one of the healthiest forms of oil available today. Made of three fatty acids, coconut oil is not only good for the heart, it is good for the skin. It is used in food preparation and cosmetics due to its natural health benefits. It's low melting point makes it a perfect companion ingredient in beeswax candles. Nature's Gifts uses purified coconut oil to give a soft finish to our candles, and ensure genuine fragrances from our essential oils.

Essential Oils - Essential oils are extracted from plants using steam or cold compression to form a concentrated oil. The healing qualities of the oil depend on the qualities of the plant it was extracted from. Nature's Gifts uses only the purest oils to ensure authentic fragrances in our candles.

Cotton Wick - Our cotton wicks are non-toxic, coreless, cotton flat braided wick with paper filament. Because they have no metal core, the cotton wick will curl when burned. They are made with pure cotton fiber.