Are Your Beeswax Candles Cracking?

Have you ever tried making your own beeswax candles at home? It's a fun project but can be frustrating too. Beeswax candles are notorious for cracking during the cooling process! Here are a few tips to avoid/correct cracking.

  • Pour your melted wax into your container or mold at 5-10 degrees over the melting point. The melting point of beeswax is approximately 145 degrees Fahrenheit.

  • Coat your container or mold with a small amount of coconut oil or other natural oil. Beeswax contracts as it cools and if it sticks to the side of your mold or container, it may crack.

  • Do two pours rather than one. There are a couple of ways to do this effectively, 1) do your second pour once just the top of your candle has solidified; or, 2) wait until the candle has cooled completely (I prefer this method because I like the resulting look). Either method is effective as long as your wax is hotter for the second pour than it was for the first. For example, if your first pour is at 155 degrees, then your second pour should be at least 165 degrees so it integrates with the wax from your first pour. Otherwise, the top of your candle could pop right off! In any case, the temperature of your wax should not exceed 185 degrees.

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