Bubbles in your Candles?

Have you ever made your own candles and found while burning them that they have air bubbles in the middle? But they were so perfect, so beautiful from the outside! Not the worst problem in the world but here are some common reasons for bubble formation so you can avoid them in the future.

  • Stirring your melting wax too much - just stirring your wax too much during the melting process can cause bubbles to form even if you can't see them. If you have your heat on an even temperature, there is no need to over stir. Just let your wax do its thing.

  • Pouring your candle too quickly - pouring to quickly can cause air pockets in your candle, especially in a large candle. Exercise patience and pour your candles slowly.

  • Forgetting to presoak your wick or not soaking it long enough - your wick can create small bubbles in your candle as the wax soaks in. Pre-soaking your wick can eliminate this problem.

  • Pouring a large candle - the larger your candle, the more chance there is of air bubbles forming. Normally, I would say do a second pour but with beeswax a second pour can cause lines or visible over pours that mar the finished look. What you can do is tap the side of your container/mold immediately after pouring and the wax is still completely melted or move the wick around slightly/slowly in the hot wax (careful not to create new bubbles!) to eliminate any existing bubbles.

I hope this is helpful! Happy candle making!

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