Candle Wick Trimming

Trimming your candle wicks before lighting your candle seems like a small thing, doesn't it? Half the time I forget myself and then have to blow my candle out, trim the wick and then relight. With proper wick trimming, you can avoid some basic problems and even extend the life of your candle. Here are some common issues:

- Smoking candle - a long wick can smoke, creating soot which can get into your candle and the air.

- Broken wick - an untrimmed wick can break during burning and fall into your candle, marring the wax for future burns.

- Accelerated burning - an untrimmed wick can cause your candle to burn faster, cutting short the life of your candle.

Proper wick trimming is quite simple. Prior to lighting your candle, each and every time, trim your wick to 1/4". There are some disagreements about how and when this should be done but I have found that it doesn't really matter as long as the wick and any resulting soot are not allowed to fall into the candle wax. I trim mine right before lighting so the wax is hard. If my wick does fall into the candle, I can then just blow, or pick it out.

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